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‘The Order 1886’ QTE concerns addressed by Ready at Dawn

‘The Order 1886’ QTE concerns addressed by Ready at Dawn
‘The Order 1886’ QTE concerns addressed by Ready at Dawn
Sony Computer Entertainment

Ru Weerasuriya, creative director of “The Order 1886,” posted a response in regards to some of the concerns over the quick time events in the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game. According to a report from Softpedia on Feb. 20, developer from Ready at Dawn believed that there are several methods towards addressing the button prompt sequences that won’t discourage players.

Ru Weerasuriya went on to state that the QTE in “The Order 1886” feature multiple paths. Although players can fail these sequences, they won’t be punished too heavily. You can find some screens from the third-person shooting action-adventure video game for the PS4 in the slideshow to the left of this article and the comments from the creative director below (courtesy of CVG and Softpedia):

There are ways to address QTEs that does not deter people from playing the game. For example, our QTE scenes are branching paths - there are fail points, sure, but we don't make it so punitive.

The first gameplay video was recently showcased for the upcoming title after months of teasing. The footage shows a short third-person shooting gameplay segment that ended with a quick time event in which players have to kill an enemy during a melee exchange. During this sequence, time will slow down to give the player a choice at what actions to take next.

Ready at Dawn is working with Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio to develop “The Order 1886.” The development teams are aiming to launch the new intellectual property sometime before the end of this year in North America and other regions.