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'The Order 1886' PS4 exclusivity, graphics and uniqueness discussed

'The Order 1886'
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

J Goldberg has made several comments in regards to the PS4 video game, "The Order 1886." According to a report from Gamepur on July 24, the community manager from Ready at Dawn first disclosed the impressive graphics of the third-person shooting action-adventure game can't be done on any other consoles aside from Sony Computer Entertainment's next-generation system. The PS4 reportedly has a major gap in terms of visual capabilities over the Wii U and Xbox One.

J Goldberg went on to add that the development team no longer has to use cut scenes in the upcoming video game. Although there will be non-interactive sequences, everything will be rendered in real-time on the PS4. To do so, the studio had to use performance capture on all of the characters in order to make certain that the transition between gameplay and the non-interactive sequences will be a smooth one.

Finally, the community manager also told GameSpot about what makes the new intellectual property unique. He believes that the game's setting is truly specially as no other video game has attempted to tackle an alternate-reality London set in the 1800s. The team has a lot of ideas with many aspects to building the game's world such as coming up with the government and inventions (including the bolt-shooting Arc Gun). The werewolf-like enemies called Lycans, also add another twist to the story and gameplay.

Ready at Dawn ended up having to delay their ambitious project from a fall 2014 release until Feb. 20 of 2015. To make the wait shorter, the development team is planning to show off more gameplay in the months leading up to launch. Some members of the gaming community have been critical at the lack of interactivity that has been shown so far. You can check out a sketch of the Lycans in "The Order 1886" from the official Twitter page of the studio near the top of this article.

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