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‘The Order 1886’ PS4 animation, environment and lighting graphics discussed

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Aron Cender has commented on the PS4 and “The Order 1886.” In an interview with Gamepur on Feb. 27, the marketing manager behind Bloober Team (the studio behind the upcoming “Basement Crawl” video game stated that the next-generation system is an “amazing piece of hardware.”

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He went on to talk about “The Order 1886,” which he believes will be the first showcase as to how powerful the PS4 is from a graphical standpoint. Aron Cender thinks that the animation, environment and lighting in the third-person shooting game “stands out” when compared to other titles. You can find some screens showcasing the visuals of the new intellectual property with the slideshow gallery located to the left side of this article and his comments below:

I think what stands out for The Order: 1886 are environment details, lightning and animations, like clothing for example. I doubt it would be possible on any other platform, except PC, so Playstation’s power is certainly a very important factor here.

The aforesaid “Basement Crawl” was released exclusively through the Playstation Store of the PS4 on Feb. 25. The download-only video game, which is heavily influenced by “Bomberman” and “Spy vs. Spy,” has a price tag of $9.99.

The upcoming “The Order 1886” is being developed mainly by Ready at Dawn with SCE Santa Monica Studio providing some additional support for the project. The first real-time gameplay video was recently shown for the title, impressing many onlookers from a visual standpoint. The new intellectual property, which will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is targeting a fall release date window in North America.