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‘The Order 1886’ lighting, texture compression and more PS4 details posted

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Ready at Dawn has posted more details in regards to the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game, “The Order 1886.” According to a report from Dual Shockers on April 1, Matt Pettineo was asked a technical question in regards to the lighting features in the game engine.

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The graphics and engine programmer responded by stating that the visuals are a little “too dark” as the development team can “only handle diffuse bounce.” A fix is currently being worked on. You can find some screens showcasing the visuals from “The Order 1886” with the slideshow located to the left side of this article and the remarks from Matt Pettineo below:

Currently we only handle diffuse bounce, so it’s too dark. We’re still working out the best way to fix that.

The graphics and engine programmer from Ready at Dawn also provided some details with regards to the texture compression. The video game is using both BC6H and BC7 to output the visuals. You can find the details below:

We use [BC6H] for lightmaps, skydomes, specular cubemaps, particles, etc. Currently using the compute shader encoder. CS encoder is the fastest but has quality issues, and is still pretty slow. Encoders seem to be focusing more on BC7.

“The Order 1886” marks a major jump for the development team, which previously worked on PSP games before deciding to develop a high-budgeted PS4 title. They are getting some help from SCE Santa Monica Studio, however.

Sony Computer Entertainment is expecting a fall release for the new intellectual property, which should be showcased at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. The publisher previously hinted that a collection edition may be made available although the extra contents were not disclosed.