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‘The Order 1886’ developer reveals 8 GB GDDR5 memory graphics allocation

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Matt Pettineo and David Neubelt have revealed the memory graphics allocation for the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game, “The Order 1886.” According to a report by Gamer Headlines on March 22, the graphics programmers from Ready at Dawn revealed that the upcoming title will take advantage of nearly all of the available GDDR5 RAM on the next-generation system.

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2 GB of the system memory has been allocated to the textures. The rest of the approximate 2.5 GB is used for animation, character textures, global textures, level geometry and sound budget in “The Order 1886.” You can take a look at the visuals from the third-person shooting action-adventure title with the slideshow to the left of this article and the breakdown below:

  • 2 GB texture budget
  • 128 MiB sound budget
  • 700 MiB level geometry
  • 600 MiB character textures
  • 250 MiB global textures (FX, UI, light maps, etc..) Even characters have lightmap data
  • 700 MiB animation

Although the PS4 comes equipped with 8GB GDDR5 RAM, around 3 GB of the system memory has been allocated for the operation system for the console. As a result, developers are left with approximately 5 GB. Sony Computer Entertainment could eventually change the allocation in the future, however, by reducing the memory usage of the operating system.

“The Order 1886” is considered one of the best looking games on the PS4. The project was originally announced at E3 2013 and should appear again in the same event this year. Ready at Dawn is working with SCE Santa Monica Studio to develop the highly-anticipated title, which should be released in the fall.