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'The Order: 1886' branching paths, graphics and more discussed for PS4

'The Order 1886'
'The Order 1886'
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

Marc Turndorf has commented on several aspects of "The Order: 1886" for the PS4. In an interview with Gaming Bolt on June 30, the representative from Ready at Dawn was asked about how open the third-person shooting action-adventure video game will be. He responded by saying that it is a linear title that is driven by the plot.

He went on to reassure fans that some branching paths are going to be added to the gameplay in order to give players different methods toward accomplishing the same end goal. Unfortunately, Ready at Dawn has not yet shown off much of the gameplay so far for "The Order: 1886," leaving a lot of unanswered questions. A few of the sections that were showcased depict a extremely linear third-person shooter. Another spokesperson from the studio did confirm recently that more gameplay will be revealed in the future, however.

Marc Turndorf also talked more about the graphics from the new intellectual property. He revealed that the development team expects players to be impressed with visuals, which combines a "filmic" experience to go along with the gameplay. The video game in going to run at a 1920 pixels by 800 pixels ratio, as opposed to 1080p, with the top and bottom extra spaces being covered with black bars on most television sets. You can find an image of "The Order: 1886" from the official Playstation Facebook page near the top of this article.

"The Order 1886" was initially set to come out later this year before being pushed back into next year. Fans can now expect the PS4 exclusive video game to ship on Feb. 24 of 2015. At around the same time, Sony Computer Entertainment will also be releasing "Bloodborne," another new intellectual property that is only available for the company's next-generation system. With the additions of high-profile third-party releases, the first quarter of 2015 should be packed with options for PS4 owners.