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‘The Order 1886’ anti-aliasing graphical effects revealed for PS4

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Ahsan Rasheed has revealed more details regarding the visuals of the upcoming PS4 exclusive video game, “The Order 1886.” According to a report from Gamepur on Feb. 7, the industry insider stated that Ready at Dawn will be using the 4x multi-sampling anti-aliasing technique in order to smooth out the edges of textures.

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He also disclosed that the development team is emphasizing the image quality of “The Order 1886” over other visual elements, adding that it may be the “cleanest game to launch” on the next-generation system. You can find some screenshots from the PS4 exclusive video game with the gallery on the left side of this article and his comments below:

Just found out the Order 1886 is using 4XMSAA. Ready At Dawn is targeting Image Quality above all else. Interesting. This might be the cleanest game to launch. I wonder what the decision was to forgo high quality FXAA plus 2XMSAA. 4XMSAA is expensive, but the PS4 has the guts to spare.

Ahsan Rasheed went on to state that the 4x multi-sampling anti-aliasing technique is a “very expensive and demanding feature” that taxes even powerful PC hardware systems. “The Order 1886” has been confirmed to run at 30 frames per second as oppose to 60. It also utilizes a cinematic ratio that puts black bars on both the top and bottom screens.

Ready at Dawn is getting additional help from Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio to develop the third-person shooting action-adventure title. The video game is currently slated for a release later this autumn season in North America and other regions. The first gameplay video should be made available in the next couple of weeks.