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‘The Order 1886’ and ‘Uncharted 4’ publisher teases E3 2014 reveals

‘The Order 1886’ main character
‘The Order 1886’ main character
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

Shuhei Yoshida has teased his company’s plans for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. According to a report from Just Push Start on April 26, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios hinted that they are planning several “very, very exciting” products for E3 2014. Unfortunately, he did not further elaborate on the potential showcases.

Shuhei Yoshida did state that Sony Computer Entertainment is currently trying to figure out what will and won’t be shown during the annual press conference. E3 2014 will begin this year on June 10. The first-party publisher usually holds their media briefing a day before the show floor is made available for attendees.

One of the potential games that should be shown is “The Order 1886.” The ambitious project is currently being developed by Ready at Dawn with help from SCE Santa Monica Studio. Sony Computer Entertainment has only shown a small snippet of the third-person shooting action-adventure gameplay. With the new intellectual property expected to come out sometime this fall, the publisher should most likely focus on the video game at E3 2014. You can find an image showing off the main character from the official Facebook page of the publisher with the photo attached to the top of this article.

Aside from “The Order 1886,” Sony Computer Entertainment is also rumored to be providing a first look at the gameplay for the tentatively-titled “Uncharted 4.” While the potential sequel was confirmed during the launch of the PS4, not many details have been announced since the initial reveal. Recent reports stated that the creative and game directors of the project have been replace, which may suggest that Naughty Dog ran into some trouble with the project.

In addition to the video games, the company should also talk more about Project Morpheus. The virtual reality headset was announced earlier this year for the PS4. At E3 2014, Sony Computer Entertainment may be able to announce more details, such as price and release date, on the accessory.