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The Oracle Magazine releases ‘Detox Blend’

Detox Blend cover
Detox Blend cover
Courtesy photo

Recently, the Oracle Magazine announced the release of its newest mixtape, “Detox: Blend.”

DJ I Rock Jesus hosts the album, which features tracks from popular Christian Hip Hop artists such as Andy Mineo, S.O. and Lecrae.

Though the album is technically a mixtape, the Oracle Magazine owner, Prince Malachi (Tyran Johnson) said “Detox: Blend” was created to sound like a live mix show with great beats.

“Overall, I hope and pray people feel that this is a dope, classic mixtape,” he said.

“I always wanted The Oracle to be known for classic mixtapes because of my passion for Yah, Hip Hop and quality products. When people see The Oracle name on any mixtape, I want them to know we gave Yah our very best.”

Malachi said that the 20-track album was two years in the making, and its theme is purification.

“We live in a very polluted world,” he said.

“Our bodies need a way to get rid of toxins so that we can enjoy good physical health. Likewise, our spirits need to be cleansed on a regular basis. The initial spiritual washing and renewal happens during our spiritual rebirth. Without this spiritual rebirth and cleansing, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God and inherit eternal life, and the new future body that God has for each one who is a member of his spiritual kingdom.”

Though the album was released primarily to a Christian audience via Christian channels, Malachi sees the album as a tool to reach unbelievers as well.

“This project is for believers and unbelievers, with an emphasis on unbelievers. I wanted to put together a project that would get the word of Yahweh to people who are not saved and package it in a way that they would receive it. I plan to press some physical copies and I will pass them out in ‘the hood;’ it will be like a tract. At the same time, I also wanted to use this as a way to reach Christians who love Hip Hop, but didn’t know there was such a thing as Christian Hip Hop.”

“Detox: Blend” is available for download at and

Track Listing
1. “Intro”- DJ I Rock Jesus
2. “Wild Things” -Andy Mineo
3. “Break 1” -DJ I Rock Jesus
4. “Hunger Games” -Da T.R.U.T.H.
5. “Twink Shoutout 1”
6. “New Reality” -Lecrae
7. “I Love” -Trip Lee
8. “Break 2” -DJ I Rock Jesus
9. “Robot”-Trip Lee
10. “Twink Shoutout 2”
11. “Violence” -Lecrae
12. “Lemme Go” -Sean Slaughter
13. “High” -Lecrae
14. “Riot” -Tedashii
15. “We Can Be More” -Sho Baraka
16. “Go Off”-KB
17. “So It Continues” -S.O
18. “Break 3” -DJ I Rock Jesus
19. “Don’t Mean Much” -KB
20. “Ayo” -Andy Mineo
21. “Outro” -DJ I Rock Jesus

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