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The Opportunity In This Border Debacle!!


The southern border is a disaster. Yes, manufactured by Obama and the political elites for a number of reasons. But, it is also an opportunity...for us. The best opportunity in years.

What we are seeing now, and we are seeing very little due to the media restrictions and other 1st Amendment violations by the lawless Obama regime, is only a hint of what the border will be like if the political elites in Washington ever do pass an amnesty. And, therein lies the opportunity.

Every border security activist needs to be talking this up to everyone in their life, blogging, adding comments on-line to the national and local news stories about this mess. Send letters to the editor and call talk radio. Talk to your family, friends and co-workers about the disaster that is happening and tell everyone that it will be ten times worse if the Washington elites pass an amnesty.

Also, call your state governor and tell him/her you don’t want diseased illegal aliens dumped in your town and schools. The governor can share the million calls he gets with state reps and senators, congressmen and U.S. Senators and everyone else.

Governors are key.

Go to and use that website, at NO cost, to contact your congressman, members of your state government and with one click, write a letter to the editor for 100 newspapers.

Talk about population growth. The U.S. Census Bureau reports 314 million people in America. Add to that about 30 to 35 million illegal aliens that have entered since the early 90s and have avoided the government’s attempts to count them and we’re probably looking at a real number of 350 million people living in our country.

At the current rate of legal and illegal immigration there will be 500 million people in America by 2050, or before. That’s only 35 years from now. So, to those acquaintances who are “green” you can talk about overpopulation. If they believe in manmade global warming, make the case that when people come here from the 3rd World, they become 1st World consumers and polluters. And if they are concerned about so-called “greenhouse gasses” point out that more people means more “greenhouse gas,” more CO2.

If you speak with parents, advise them to keep close watch on their kids’ health when school starts in about seven weeks. Most of the “children” coming have not been inoculated and you can expect childhood diseases to move through some schools like a wild fire.

Tell them that the original purpose for the Border Patrol was to identify people with diseases to keep them from entering the United States.

Warn your friends about the increase in drug trafficking since the Border Patrol were pulled away to take care of this influx.

Warn them about possible terrorists entering the country.

The most important thing in your communication with your family, friends, co-workers and elected officials at federal and state levels and the media, is to point out how what we are seeing now will be ten times worse if congress passes an amnesty. Millions will be rushing our borders if another amnesty is allowed.

There couldn't be a better example of what will happen than what we are witnessing, today.

That is why it is so important for you to speak out…NOW. Good luck.


You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. --Winston Churchill


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