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The opening night of Glee's Funny Girl

Lea Michele of Glee
Photo by Mark Davis

It’s finally here, or should we say wow that was fast. Of course, Glee did fast forward through time. They were unclear about this whole thing, which is why it seems like Funny Girl is opening really fast. In reality the time line probably works correctly, but writers should have made it clear how far in advance Glee time jumped. Rumor is they will do it again for the final season of Glee next year.
Rachel’s nightmare brings back some characters from her past. This did include a surprise visit from Max Adler, as Dave Karofsky. Then the best number of the episode, when Will and Sue sing the Annie classic NYC. It was musically amazing, to start. Jane Lynch surprised audience members with her amazing range and voice in this number. We have heard her sing before, but not like this, especially her later duet with Lea Michele. There was also a rare dance sequence with Will for NYC. I don’t mean the normal Glee dance sequences, but instead an amazing Broadway routine, definitely fitting for this grand opening night episode. Glee is finally getting its mojo back!
Sue and Will journey to New York City together. Of course, Sue isn’t primarily going to see Rachel, but she does agree to go to opening night with Will. Of course, when they get there she tries to sell the ticket when they get to the performance, but changes her mind when she spots a certain man. Does Sue find her one true love at Rachel’s opening night? Then Will has to leave when Emma goes into labor. Not sure it was a great idea for writers to have Will leave. It would have been more appropriate for that to happen right after the show lets out.
Then the moment we have all been waiting for, opening night finally happens. Rachel does great, and even uses some anger against Sue, for walking out, as some motivation to push harder. Of course, Rachel’s producer gets to her during intermission. Everything rides on the review from The New York Times. Every Broadway show works hard all season preparing for this one review. It will make or break the show. It will determine if the show has a run or if the show closes as soon as it opens.
Rachel sheds a few tears for the closing number of Funny Girl. She mentioned earlier it would be hard to get through because she thinks of Fin every time she performs that number. Everyone meets Rachel in her dressing room. The producer seems very proud one way or another. He tells Rachel she is a star tonight, no matter what. She choices not to go to the Broadway cast part. Instead they all go to a club in Greenwich Village. They all know her, have been tracking Funny Girl, and ask her to sing. Everyone has a blast; it’s like the old days, with most of the gang back together.
Has anyone ever put Sue in her place the way Rachel did? She put her foot down for all the characters in all seasons. Sue is terrible, and Rachel made sure she felt unwanted and unwelcome.
The review comes out and it is a great review for Rachel. One of the best reviews the times could give. Then Will calls to tell them the baby boy Daniel Fin, is doing well. Sue leaves her one true love in New York. She wants to continue to be a big fish in a tiny pond. Anyways, the New York City cab drivers couldn't handle Sue on a regular basis.

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