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The open road

the open road
the open road

          They say that coming out of college is the perfect time to travel, either overseas or just domestic, and they have never been more right. For most recent graduates this is the time where they are the most naïve about the world and the country they live in. In addition, most of these kids do not have jobs lined up after school, so they have an excess amount of time to explore. The most important decision for a road trip is choosing your companions. No one wants to go on a trip with someone that spends their time on their Blackberry or even someone a bit of a downer. However, someone who takes a lot of pictures is helpful and someone who is easy going is great too. As long as there is one person that can take control for guidance, the trip will be in good hands. Focusing on domestic travel, the best plan to have is having a patent plan, while leaving some room for spontaneity. It’s best to have a theme to focus on and drive around hitting those destinations. Along the way, you’ll meet some locals to get a feel for their lifestyles.

          A lot of times these road trips can be fun and exciting, but these adventures have the tendency to subliminally teach these young adults certain things about maturation. Whoever you depart on the journey with there is going to be a strong bond built through this experience. Being with friends and/or family for every moment of the trip will give everyone a chance to really see how each other are and what their habits are (so get comfortable). Road trips also serve as a giant test for responsibility because for the most part there are no parents around. For those who like a more developed road trip idea, being able to manage the entire trip is the key to responsibility. Having to book the right hotels for the right nights and mapping out particular activities at each destination really requires great organization. This can all vary based on the duration of the trip, but the principle remains the same.

         Road trips are joyous and memorable, so being able to experience one is neat. As you get older and have a few years in the workforce it becomes harder for this type of impulsiveness to evolve. On the other hand, the act of just pressing pause on your current routine for a trip like this can be thrilling and is something that you should not pass up. The bottom line is, regardless of where you are in your life, if the opportunity for this presents itself; it’s foolish to ignore the green light.