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The only way to pass healthcare reform is to work together, call out liars, and speak only the truth


  • Yankee Doodle 6 years ago

    What happened in Massachusetts on January 19th is the precursor of our future. Take heed politicians and others who disregard the will of the American people. The election of Scott Brown was not so much a Republican win as a wake up call to all politicians. It was a statement from the people, good, hard-working people, real Americans. Americans telling politicians, do your job or we will fire you. Any Republican or Democrat who thinks otherwise is a fool. The people are wise to your game. The third party is coming… Like May 19th in California, January 19th in Massachusetts as the beginning of when Americans start taking back their government. If this means the death of the national tax and ration health care reform act, then RIP.

    God Bless America.

  • Andy 6 years ago

    My friend Yankee Doodle,
    Let me comment on some of your statements:
    1. All Americans who stand on the side of truth and not distortion regardless of party is a “real” and “good American.”
    2. Martha Coakley wasn’t voted out of office she lost in an election held to replace the late Ted Kennedy’s seat.
    3. In your comment you made mention that the “third party is coming.” What third party are you referring to?
    4. The majority of Americans want healthcare reform that why it passed the house with a vote of 220-215, and the senate with a vote of 60-40. The votes show that the MAJORITY of Americans want reform.

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