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The Only Solution to Corruption


According to Renato Küster Neto, Brazil, suffers from corruption like every other poor country. However, even in the face of this challenge, they are a motivated people living in a country full of natural resources.

Despite this abundance, corruption and bad decision-making has spawned a country of poverty, pollution, and limited opportunity. The solution is to create an online platform thereby enabling transparency and openness in the political sphere to empower collaboration from the community.

The desired end result will dramatically decrease corruption and create a new brand of collaboration and innovation. From this momentum, an opportunity for sustainable growth will be realized.

Here are the problems facing Brazil and other poor countries:

=> Private companies invest in the politician campaign and receive their money back through corrupt diplomats and politicians;

=> Decisions are not based on facts and numbers, rather, Decisions are based on the private interest of politicians and their investors;

=> Politicians own the police and most of the media;

=> You can only be a politician if you invest a significant amount of money in the campaign, easily more than the sum of the salary that a politician will receive during in the years of service;

=> Poverty and poor education increases at an alarming rate thereby stagnating the opportunity for upward mobility;

=> Pollution increases as Environment Laws are totally disrespected on big projects;.

Therefore, WE need people with real knowledge creating transparent projects based on community proposed solutions.

How the platform works:

=> Problems are reported by the community;

=>Specialists outline possible solutions while listening to the community proposed solutions;

=>People with specific knowledge discuss the solution and propose alternatives based on facts and numbers;

=>The solutions are filtered by the community and specialists, and the best ideas are highlighted;

=>A Problem-solving Project is created where goals are established, and milestones are communicated openly to the community;

=>The costs and the estimated time of the project is supervised by people with the specific knowledge necessary to plan an effective solution in a transparent manner;

=>People earn a higher reputation according to their solutions, and if the solution is accepted by other participants;

With a Community combined with the collaborative effort of Specialists, politicians have no chance to corrupt the system.

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