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The Only Man Who Can Save the PCs Just Said "No"

Jim Dinning and Ralph Klein led Alberta out of debt. He won't commit to doing it as Premier.
Jim Dinning and Ralph Klein led Alberta out of debt. He won't commit to doing it as Premier.
Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Sometimes things have gotten just about as bad as you can get. Then, they get worse. This is what just happened for the Progressive Conservative Party.

With scandal-plagued Alison Redford safely out of the Premier's office just as the biggest scandal yet -- her plan to basically build herself her dream condo in a newly-renovated government building -- hit, no one would have thought things could get any worse. Then they did. And as it turns out, sometimes the worst thing to happen to a scandal-riddled government isn't necessarily another scandal.

There's only one person in PC circles who can even possibly navigate this party away from the rocks and shoals of political disaster. That man is former Finance Minister Jim Dinning. And he's said "no, thank you."

Moreover, Dinning has excoriated the party that elected Ed Stelmach as a compromise candidate when it couldn't decide between Dinning and Ted Morton.

Most notably, Dinning has taken the PCs to task for the deliberately-confusing way they've presented the last few provincial budgets to the Albertan people. During his time as Finance Minister Dinning went out of his way to present Albertans with a budget anyone could read and understand. At the time when he and Ralph Klein were leading Alberta out of debt, he let Albertans see this for themselves.

Rather different from Doug Horner who has been leading Albertans deeper and deeper back into debt, and won't let Albertans see that... if he can help it.

If there's anyone in Alberta doing what Dinning knows needs to be done for The Party -- clamping down on entitlement, increasing transparency, cleaning out cabinet and caucus -- it's Jim Dinning.

At the time when the party desperately needs to draft Dinning, he's set his sails in a different direction.

There's probably no one in the party who can save them now.

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