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The Only Ballet Flat you Will Ever Need

Cobb Hill Shoes

Trying to find a cute and comfortable pair of shoes can be a near nightmare. Even the promised comfy ballet flats often times turn out to be nothing but a grand disappointment. Although I subscribe primarily to only wearing stilettos I have been searching for what seems like forever to find the perfect pair of flat shoes.

Most that I have tried have removed skin at the back of my heels or massacred my toes. Obviously I am not alone because I have seen women with band aids hanging out from their shoes as they limp lifelessly to the subway. That's upsetting considering most of them bought the low to the ground shoes expecting to find that relaxed feeling that's sometimes missing when wearing a pair of heels.

Normally I like to give the reader an option of styles or types of products that I have chosen to cover but not today. I won't reveal the shoes that I will never let near my feet again but instead focus on the joy which I found once I slipped Cobb Hill REVchi. It was a little surprising. Best part is most times when we hear that something fits with ease we think that it will lack the adorable factor and color options. Well these are available in Black, Pewter and Taupe with Snake Skin and these babies are perfect for complementing your fall wardrobe.

These skimmers are made with the technology that New Balance uses for cushioning their running shoes, hence the bounce you will feel when strutting your sexy stuff. They go for about $110 and that's a pretty good price considering the money you will save from living life sans the band-aids,