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The Online Marketing Audit: 3 Steps to Ensure You Stay on the Path to Success

Looking Into Things: The Online Marketing Audit

As the first month of 2014 draws to a close, now’s a great time to review your online marketing efforts thus far. The following three (3) steps will give you an opportunity to explore your current online marketing efforts and help ensure that you stay on the path to success with your marketing efforts.

  • Step 1: Review Your Marketing Plan and Revise Your Goals: Step 1 requires you to revisit your overall marketing plan (which should include your online marketing plan within it) and determine how well your goals are helping you meet those plans. For example, in your original Online Marketing Plan, you may have had the goal of building your email marketing list to expand your reach with your core audience. In Step 1, you’ll review whether or not this goal is still relevant for your internet marketing efforts (i.e. does it make sense to continue this effort, or move on now to converting those prospects into active leads?). Since proper planning is the cornerstone of any successful effort, the first step in the Online Marketing Audit process is to access your initial plan and decide if it still works for what you want to accomplish moving forward.
  • Step 2: Check Your Tools and Review Their Analytics: In Step 2, you’ll review your online marketing tools like your Facebook Page, website, or blog and see how well each of these tools are helping you achieve your online marketing goals. Using the variety of tool-specific analytics utilities (e.g. Facebook Pages Insights, Blog Posts Hits/Visits, Website Analytics, etc.), you can uncover exactly what platform is and isn’t working for you, and you can see where there may be areas of improvement. Exploring these tools’ analytics (or statistics) can also be a great place to find new ideas for content generation, either in terms of highlighting your most popular content that visitors gravitate towards (to encourage you to produce more like it) or by revealing an entirely new topic that you never thought to take advantage of.
  • Step 3: Tweak and Take Action: Now that you’ve reviewed your goals and checked the relevant stats of your online marketing efforts, the last step is to revise and tweak your plans and goals accordingly in order to make the necessary changes to ensure that your efforts stay on course.

The purpose of the Online Marketing Audit is to assess how well your internet marketing efforts are faring now that they’re well underway. The audit gives you the opportunity to reflect on what’s going right and what may need improvement. It also allows you to benchmark your efforts and, over time it will give you a historical analysis of the growth that your brand has taken. Performing this audit at least once per year is a great way to make sure all the work you’ve put into following The Online Marketing Road Map isn’t for nothing!

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