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The one film to see this weekend: Blindside

Fairy Godmothers are something from children’s books, until you meet Leigh Anne Touhy, a real life angel. Sandra Bullock gives a stunning portrayal of her in the film The Blindside  , the true story of Michael Oher. Sandra Bullock is not alone in the portrayal, Quinton Aaron  is moving as the young, troubled Michael Oher.

The Blindside

This film will inspire you and challenge you as a Christian. From the moment she tells Mr. Touhy, played by Tim Mcgraw to "turn the car around", we see the mercy and grace of Jesus lived out, through Leigh Anne Touhy’s actions, as she reaches out to help the oversized, shivering T-shirt wearing Oher survive the cold November rain.

From the moment she covers a $10,000 couch with sheets for Oher to sleep on, you know there is something special about this lady, it is obvious she is a Christian and she proves it without preaching a word.

Oscar buzz is already swirling for Sandra Bullock. Her essence shines through the portrayal of Mrs. Touhy, she is believable, and embraces the character of Leigh Anne, who is unashamed of who she is, from her status to the color of her skin, she proves she will do whatever it takes to do the right thing, even standing up to the toughest of characters from the dangerous streets Michael grew up on. Her kindness and ability to open, not only her home to this young man, but her heart is a true testament and example of how we can be as a society, especially those of us who call ourselves Christians.

Leigh Anne did not see the color of Michael’s skin, she only saw his need. 

This is more than a football movie, it is an inspirational story of how love and courage can change lives.

If you see any movie this weekend, be sure to make it The Blindside.


  • Martha Hernandez 5 years ago

    My husband and I just saw Blind Side on saturday night ,It had to be the best movie that I saw in a long time .It made me laugh , cry and smile. Congrantulations to Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron they both deserve Academy Awards.This movie is a great family movie .This is a movie that you want to see over and over and when it is released it has a spot in my dvd collection. We really need more insperational movies like this one.