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The Olympic Stadium will live on

The Olympic Stadium will live on
The Olympic Stadium will live on
Parc Olimpique Quebec

The Montreal Olympic Stadium, the symbol of the 1976 Summer Olympics and the provincial lack of management competence, will be once again renewed. A special advisory committee within Parc Olimpique Quebec is seeking public suggestions regarding the future of the Big Owe and the revitalizing of the Olympic Park.

Lise Bissonnette, president of the committee stated that the 35 years old structure is still an asset and it still competes with the major stadiums in North America. The future priority uses for the facilities, including the Stadium itself, are to be determined in order to be able to make appropriate investment choices. Demolishing or repurposing buildings that have been leased are not options being considered by the Committee.

Despite the stadium's costs were finally paid in November 2006 reaching an astronomical total of 1.61 billion CAD, from a humble 134 million CAD estimate in 1970, the roof and reliant installations are in need of modernization. The price of the investment is set to be around 300 million CAD for a new permanent steel roof.

The public consultations will be active until December 2011. All are invited debate the issue and generate ideas on the future of the Olympic Park at