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The Olympic spirit

I suspect there are many who perceive me as an antique. I don't doubt that in the least nor will I even try to debate it here. I don't really worry about what others think about me, and in all honesty, I can't even pretend to be offended by being called such things. I really don't like much about the world of today and the music world is perhaps the biggest culprit.

I know there are those who might argue this, and yet look at the facts. Music tends to go everywhere with everyone as kids today have headphones or earplugs shrouding their senses just about every hour of everyday. They are listening to God knows what and blocking out human contact. Between on line outlets and traditional recorded material, kids today have truly lost touch with being alive. Is this the fault of the music industry. Well it sure as heck isn't the result of antiques like me.

Look when I was growing up we had hippies who danced in the streets. Some think that the current generation is a lot like that in their revolutionary spirit. And yet there is a huge difference. The hippies, though despised by most within the world because of their attitudes, at least were dancing in the public streets. That is quite a contrast to kids of today who are so afraid to miss some important message on their Facebook page that they will risk being suspended from school to keep up to date. They show little regard for rules and have become completely immersed in their electronic world. The world they live in is one of hatred, expectation and dissident sounds. They don't have contact with each other through simple exchanges. They don't date anymore. They hook up which basically means the electronically date until it's time to have sex. This is promoted by music as most of you know. Though musicians and the industry itself will never take any responsibility. But when you appeal to the lowest forms of life like those who celebrate thugs and hoods and do what you can to promote irresponsible behavior, well, at some point you have to take your medicine and accept the truth! Again, songs from the 1960's spoke of revolution but that was simply the revolution of young people to stand up and take responsibility. You didn't find young people being obnoxious and breaking laws because they have money and think they are bigger than the law.

Look at the recent behavior of the supposedly talented young man Justin Bieber. He has been arrested more times in a two week period than most people write arrested in their lifetime. Yet he'll buy his way out of trouble even though the one regarding the smoking of pot on an airplane is a felony and should require 10-20 years in a federal prison. Most of us who are not billionaires would have to take our time in Sing-Sing. Bieber will simply continue to sing...

I think the music industry has to start making a change. Promoting good people with good music. Yes, there are those who'll laugh saying things like bubblegum music is garbage and all the rest of the criticisms. But let's be honest, no one ever promoted treating women terribly in a bubblegum song? That is something people don't understand. Those in the music industry tend to be the same ones who want to have a politically correct world. But they promote everything but political correctness in what they allow to be released as music. They promote artists who are selfish, greedy and generally immoral in all their public behavior. They have the chance to make a change. They have a chance to make the exact change they claim they want. And yet they do everything they can to go against that.

It all comes back to the same thing of course. Money. That's what drives everyone. It won't ever change.

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