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The oldest snack food of all time: Celebrate National Popcorn Day

Popcorn as you may have guessed is the oldest snack food of all time. Popcorn ears were discovered in Mexico around 5,600 years ago by archaeologists in 1948 in New Mexico. Way back in the day the Native Americans used to pop their corn by tossing it onto hot stones over a fire.

National Popcorn Day - pop the top on the pot!
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Today Americans consume approximately 15 billion quarts of popcorn a year. That equates to around 51 quarts per person. No wonder there is a special day designated to popcorn. Every year on January 19 people everywhere celebrate “National Popcorn Day”!

Popcorn is a very popular snack and loved by many over the centuries. When popcorn was popped in kitchens it was done so in a large stock pot or cast iron frying pan. Late on Jiffy Pop was introduced and it made the process so much easier. It could be done at home or brought along on a camping trip too. Eventually air poppers were developed but the process for home popping was slow. And then technology changed things after the microwave was invented. Somewhere around 1980 microwavable popcorn was introduced to the world and it went viral.

Now popcorn is popped in homes nearly every evening. There are many different types of popcorn available on the market. Plain kernels are still available but the microwave packages and bowls seem to fly off the shelves. In just three minutes you can have a bowl of hot, steamy buttered popcorn ready to eat and snack on.

Besides the various types of popcorn it is now made in an array of flavors, with and without butter, some have the taste of movie theater butter while others have a more nutritious label marking them as light or lightly buttered.

Most popcorn is made of corn but there are others that are derived from pod, sweet, flour, dent and flint. Popcorn has come a long way through the centuries and the bottom line is everyone who has tried this treat fell in love and enjoys eating it at movies or at home watching television or a movie on a DVD.

Have a popping good time and celebrate “National Popcorn Day”!

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