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The old zoo at Griffith Park - Meditation spot of the week


One of my all time favorite meditation spots in Los Angeles is the old zoo at Griffith Park.  If you're in search for a quiet place to read or clear your mind, this is the place for you.  The old zoo is a relatively hidden gem, the perfect place to come for a brief escape from the city. 

About a mile south of the Los Angeles Zoo (off of Griffith Park drive and northwest of the merry-go-round) are the remains of the old zoo from the early 1900's.  The cages that once held wild animals still remain, but now house picnic tables and grills.  If you didn't read the signs sharing the Los Angeles history surrounding, you'd almost think you came across a lost civilization straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.  

Beyond the cages are tons of beautiful trees, grass and a serenity and stillness that make you feel like you must be hours away from Hollywood.  If you're looking for a meditation spot, the key to your visit is to make sure that you visit during the week.  If you make your trip on a weekend you'll have a completely different experience.  The weekend has a lot of families grilling and there's almost always animal and zoo theme parties with children running around enjoying themselves.  Weekends are a great times for walks and family fun, but you'll miss out on the midweek silence.

Yesterday I stopped and did my devotion here.  The only sounds that filled the air were those of the birds and the sound of water from the small stream nearby.  There was a young couple sleeping on the grass in the distance and a guy doing yoga outside of a cave.  Then there was me, reading from my kindle under a tree, quietly saying to myself, "I love this place!"   I have a feeling I wasn't the only one sharing those exact sentiments.   


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