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The Old Lucketts Store May Inspire Your Dreams of Becoming an Interior Decorator

An amazing home store exists in Luckett, Virginia about 5 miles west of Leesburg. It is called the Old Luckett’s Store and it has everything you could ever use for the interior decorating of your home.

Interior and Exterior design options
jodi emmer
Interior Design
jodi emmer

Exterior home finishing as well as interior decorations, the store really goes all out to meet the demands of any type of creative project one could ever wish to engage in. It takes hours to really explore the premises and the grounds of this exquisite country store.

They have been photographed for every home magazine there is. It is a one of a kind, unique place that inspires you to really want to get down into the options of redecorating or simply learning a new craft. They teach classes on the best ways to paint furniture, or pick out a color spectrum for your home.

They have everything; there is a crystal room to pick out a chandelier or to pick out pieces of glass to invent a new chandelier. There is tiles and paint and wax and brushes and every type of glass menagerie, every type of brick a brack and trinket. There are strange items and original pieces and then you see a box of old keys that could be used to decorate a window sill or a wall.

There are mirrors and old style glass pieces in every color. There is even a vintage clothing section on the third floor. There are toys and furniture pieces such as old wooden dressers and vanity sets. There are toy chests and paintings to be mounted on walls.

It is so big and full of unique objects that one could only encourage every individual to go there by themselves to explore the premises in order to find the perfect fit for each unique taste. Something for everyone is available in this jungle of opportunity.

Check out their paint workshops as well as their online store. They are located at 42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, Virginia, the telephone number is (703) 779- 0268. They are open seven days a week from 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

See the webpage for more information.

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