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The oil leak video hypnosis hoax


The national media is absent from reporting this disaster.

What is with this 24/7 video showing of the oil leak, what is the purpose?  While Americans are been repetitiously entertained with a nonsense image taking place at 5,000 below the surface of the Gulf, they are kept from seeing the tragedy that is taking place in the coastal areas of Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.  Where are the investigative reporters filming and writing about this tragedy as it takes place?  Why is the national media hiding this disaster?

The spirit and the will of the American worker it’s been methodically destroyed.   By some estimates, the true unemployment stands at nearly 20%.   The Food Stamps program now has 40 million recipients.  This last disaster has shoved the hard working fisherman and business owners of the Gulf into the welfare roster and all due to an inexplicable incident.  The truth is that with the finger pointing on this disaster the public has been confused and not fully informed of the truth and many are questioning if it was indeed an accident.

There is an array of videos that have been shown in which the tint of what comes out or the leak is sometimes dark, other time light, sometimes reddish and other times a bubbly mixture.  Here can be seen one in which a fish swims right thru it and comes back around as if it is just colored water instead of oil.  There is no construction taking place in the well but the composition of the piping continues to change with time.   By some estimates as much as 100,000 barrels or more may have leaked out of this well for nearly seventy days.  It could be as much as 5,000,000 barrels or 210,000,000 gallons.  Some of it has washed in the coastal areas of Louisiana, Alabama and Florida but the vast majority is still floating around in the Gulf waiting for the first hurricane of the season.

Admitting not to be an oil expert or having any kind of experience in the oil industry there is still plenty of questioning that arises from what we are shown.   It should not be difficult to see that what we are shown does not equal what we are told.  What is most amazing with this apparent life video hoax is that this oil well, after spewing this vast amount of oil that it has, it should have contaminated the area in a way that visibility would be zero.   Yet, the surrounding areas of what we are shown on these video images are as clear and pristine as the waters of Silver Springs in Florida.

Believe what you see, not what you are told and the truth becomes clear.


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