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The Ohio Smallmouth Alliance to meet Thursday, January 21


The Ohio Smallmouth Alliance (TOSA) is an organization of anglers whose purpose is improving the quality of smallmouth bass fishing in Ohio through education, habitat preservation, and responsible management. TOSA, formed in 1993, is a non-profit corporation. Monthly meetings are open to the public.

TOSA will meet in Reynoldsburg

The next meeting of TOSA is scheduled for 7:00 PM, January 21, 2010, at Gander Mountain, 2644 Taylor Road Ext., Reynoldsburg, Ohio. According to TOSA President, Mike Roley, the group will plan activities for the coming year and discuss the format of its recently redesigned newsletter. TOSA board member Eugene Braig encourages all interested persons to attend the meeting and contribute their ideas about TOSA projects and programs for 2010.

Smallmouth bass in Ohio

Smallmouth are an important sport fish in the Buckeye State’s abundant freshwater fisheries. Although Ohio does not have an official state fish, the smallmouth bass appears on the state’s Fish Ohio license plates. According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Ohio Fish Identification Guide, smallmouth bass “thrive in streams with gravel or rock bottoms with a visible current. Abundant in the reef areas and rocky shorelines of Lake Erie. Often abundant in upground reservoirs in northwest Ohio and in quarries.”