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The Office Squad grows in the virtual assistant niche

Taking care of details and verifying the numbers with CPA, Brenda Stout
Taking care of details and verifying the numbers with CPA, Brenda Stout
Photo by Lori Wilk

Regardless of what you've heard about economic conditions, businesses are opening. There are about 500,000 start-ups each year .As business owners there comes a time when decisions have to be made as to whether it's time to hire staff members full-time .

As companies grow so do the needs to take care of the customers, to do bookkeeping and taxes, to create marketing materials , even answer phone calls. Yes. People still make calls to businesses and someone has to answer them. For the last decade, The Office Squad has been providing virtual assistants to meet the needs of these businesses.

The Office Squad is owned by two former US military officers. The purpose of The Office Squad is to help small businesses succeed by offering them affordable virtual assistants for functions such as bookkeeping, phone answering, marketing, and social media.

Dida Clifton, owner of the Office Squad, was recently honored for her work by the Urban Chamber of Las Vegas and the concept of The Office Squad has been so successful that the Clifton's are now selling Office Squad Franchises to those who want to be in the virtual assistance business and want their blueprint and guidance on how it's done/