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The Office Recap: Goodbye, Michael Scott

I don’t know about all of you but I still had tears in my eyes from last week’s episode of The Office, when the entire branch performed their very own Rent-inspired swan song for Michael Scott. Tonight, I was balling like a little b*tch writing this recap. Saying goodbye to the world’s silliest, most kind-hearted, often-insane boss was… difficult. I kept thinking to myself: this couldn’t be happening. What will the paper company world / TV world be without Michael Scott?! Who will Dwight stand by to protect at every moment of danger? Who will bother Jim and Pam about their personal lives? Who will torture poor Toby? Sigh. My memories of all 7 seasons of The Office are mixed with both tears and laughter for the way this workplace has been run by the most clueless, but ultimately, loveable leader. The following is a summary of the episode’s best moments as homage to the man that is Michael Scott. We’ll miss you boss…

The Office says goodbye to its fearless leader of 7 seasons.
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

The Return of the Party Planning Committee: Of course we couldn’t properly say goodbye to Michael without a meeting among the petty ladies of Scranton. Phyllis, Angela, and Pam (all previous HBIC when it comes to party planning) form the “dream team,” which is later joined by Meredith and Kelly. One new member suggests an erotic cake for the occasion while the other boasts she can eat a cupcake in the sexiest way possible. Sadly, Michael never even makes it this going away party as he secretly plans to leave a day early without telling anyone. ::tear::

Michael’s Parting Gifts: It was much appreciated that Michael tried to say goodbye to everyone in the office in his own special way. From the unfinished manuscript of “Somehow I Manage” he gives to Darryl to the scary voodoo doll he gives to Oscar, fans were able to witness Michael’s unique managerial personality one last time. That being, extremely inappropriate-- but with good intentions. Some of the best goodbyes included giving Erin a kiss on the forehead and giving her advice on boys, passing down his beloved St Paulie Girl bar light to longtime man-crush Ryan. And lastly, the triple sendoff he gives to Creed (who he thinks will die soon), Gabe (who he thinks will probably die alone), and Meredith (who he thinks will most likely die drunk in a gutter someday). LOL

BFFs Forever: Perhaps the best farewell moment was shared between Michael and his right hand man, Dwight. They had a relationship like no other, filled with love/hate moments that include trips to the city, trading urine, workplace betrayals, and even fake suicide attempts, to name a few. Dwight was currently upset with Michael for not writing him a letter of recommendation to be the next manager. So it meant that much more to him (and us, the viewers) to see Dwight finally get the recognition he wanted from his long-time role model, wingman, and best friend. Sharing a secret paintball battle behind the building was just icing on this already, emotionally nostalgic cake. ::more tears::

Michael’s Meltdown: These were certainly the heaviest moments of the night, the ones that really twisted a knife into your heart. The moments that Michael so fittingly said would “hurt like a mother f*****.” It began with Michael’s teary-eyed rant of not knowing the TV channels in Colorado and the sad realization that slowly sunk in-- he wouldn’t be able to see his co-workers/best friends anymore. And then, there’s the good-bye from Jim—who is the only one who figures out Michael’s secret. Goodbyes are a b*tch, Jim. You are soo right. But before the two men can burst into tears in Michael's office, Jim tells Michael that they should just save their goodbyes for a lunch scheduled for tomorrow... that they know will never happen. He then essentially tells Michael that he is the best boss he’s ever had. ::sobs::

Proper Sendoff: It wouldn't be a true episode of The Office if they didn't throw in a laugh—or at least, a reason to smile during all these serious moments. So even though I damn near cried through Creed’s “See you tomorrow, boss” and Michael’s last look at everyone in the office before walking out, I was smiling again by the time Michael arrived at the airport. Here, he addresses the Dunder Mifflin camera crew directly, telling them to contact him if they ever make something of the 7-year documentary they’ve been filming! He also gives back his microphone, just in time for us to see—but not hear Pam’s goodbye as she nearly misses him before he boards his flight. We’ll never know what was truly said between them, but I’m sure it was sweet and served as a representation of our own individual goodbyes to the world’s best boss.

Ok, that’s it. I’m done. I’m getting tissues. The Office will officially unveil their new leader on its season finale airing Thursday, May 19 at 9pm on NBC.

Bonus Moment of the Night: Crazy Gabe! The awkward corporate guy threatens Andy and stalks Erin in the women’s restroom. His line, “Walk away, b*tch” to Andy was priceless! Yes, you have seen way too many horror movies, Gabe. It’s creepy!


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