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The Office of President of the United States

The highest office
The highest office

What has the title of the most powerful person on earth meant since 1776?

In George Washington’s case it meant everything. Our entire existence is owed to men like George with the fortitude to risk it all in leading us to independence. Greatness has shown its glory several times in our past. A few highlights in the Office of President were Lincoln and the leadership through one of the ugliest times in our family history. Another is JFK’s Bay of Pigs stand off that took us to the edge of nuclear holocaust. Or even Reagan’s speech in Berlin where he said, “Mr. Gorbachav, take down this wall!”

Over time we have evolved from a nation of independence to a nation of dependence. We once produced what the rest of the world wanted and we exported to them where as now we depend on others to import to us nearly everything. How long before we import sperm because we are to inept to produce our own children? As in our individuals the highest office of the land has also become a house of the inept. The office reflects its citizens. We have Presidents that control as opposed to lead. Even when they bold face lie to us the masses believe the rhetoric due to apathy and ignorance. The Office of President has become as meaningless as We the People.

We now as a voting majority are OK with puppet office holders that lie to us like cheap whores. Recently our current Puppet of the United States grossly lied about statistical facts after another school shooting. We do not lead the world in gun deaths, we actually have almost 4 times less gun deaths than the leader South Africa. As for murders per capita we are not even on the list of top 37. Yet we have masses that are too ignorant to know better and blindly believe a President who in turn blindly believes those that groomed him for the job, (The Puppet Masters). The Puppet Masters surely is not We the People because we have deferred our wills to others.

If you want something done take the example of George Washington and get off your butts and make it happen. Bust butt, sweat and bleed for it so maybe you will appreciate the blessings provided us from the blood, sweat and tears of those who fought for our country by contributing skin to the game in whatever form they could. Patriotism is not a spectators sport, it is national life and death. Our country is headed for life support and the plug may get pulled if we don’t rally as individuals and do our individual parts to comprise a greater whole. Let’s not squander that which came to us at such a high price.

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