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The Odyssey of an atheist group that just wanted to give away free money

Quick, do you want a cool 3K? $3000. No, nothing illegal about it. Not drug money and not fake. Nobody was robbed for it. Do you want it? Yes? Would you still want it if it came from atheists? What, you don't care?

Well if so, then you might not live in Morton Grove, IL, a suburb of Chicago. See, in that suburb a park commissioner didn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance during meetings (as is his right) so the local chapter of the American Legion withheld a monetary donation to that city's parks. Which is their right of course, though somewhat childish.

Hemant Mehta raised a funding raising campaign among his readers on his blog Friendly Atheists, which I read every day.Now after the Morton Grove Park Commission rejected funds raised by Hemant Mehta and his readers to replace the American Legion money, he went somewhere else. He went to the Library Board. That was rejected also.

Finally, finally, the Niles Township Food Pantry (which serves the Morton Grove community along with other towns) accepted it. Along the way his atheist blog was called a hate group and atheists were compared to the KKK by these local public officials. It is a fine blog by the way, I urge you to his website Friendly Atheists.

Atheists aren't the mean and horrible beings we are made out to be, well for the most part. Like any group, there are jerks. Theists often state atheists don't money, but how would they know, if they won't accept it?

Of course, other atheist groups to check out include American Atheists and American Humanist Association-though that last one is more humanist then atheist.