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2014 Winter Olympics

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The odd, awkward and downright weird moments in ice dancing

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games has provided us with some phenomenal ice dancing moments. From Meryl Davis and Charlie White's gold medal winning performance, to Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani's performance to a Michael Jackson melody, it was an exciting event.

Ice dancers compete at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Ice dancing tends to bring out the crazy and dramatic side of the sport as athletes go to great lengths to portray characters, posing in colorful costumes that most would not be caught dead in, but nonetheless it is all part of the sport.

Without fancy tricks and huge jumps, ice dancers rely on innovative lifts and footwork. Sometimes what was a coach’s brainchild looks rather inappropriate to the rest of us, making the sport confusing and yet intriguing to watch, and the Olympics were no exception.

Ice dancing is all about bringing the performance to life and yet sometimes it seems to go a little too far and if caught at just the right moment, can make for a very unique photo. As you will see in these pictures, it gets a little peculiar and somewhat humorous, though it is doubtful that was the look these teams were going for. It’s important to take a moment and enjoy these rare moments that were captured at just the right time.

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