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The ocean’s greatest warrior, Kiani, returns in all new Aspen Comics series

Aspen Comics’ signature anti-hero Kiani returns next week in an all-new solo mini-series “Fathom: Kiani” by writer Vince Hernandez (“Executive Assistant Assassins”) and artist Giuseppe Cafaro (“Trish Out of Water”). On March 4, 2014, Aspen Comics released a preview of the new series that reintroduces the deadliest warrior the underwater race known as the Blue has ever seen.

Stunning artwork by Giuseppe Cafaro makes the new "Fathom: Kiani" mini-series a must read.
Giuseppe Cafaro
The new "Fathom: Kiani" series explores Kiani outside of the sea.
Oliver Nome

Having endured the tragic loss of a sister she never knew, Kiani disappeared into the endlessness of the ocean. After countless days beneath the surface she brings herself to the world of man for the first time by coming ashore on the Southern Tip of South America. There she is greeted by a Chilean Naval Communications Specialist and his son. Through this relationship, the story of Kiani is revealed and it is shown how the tragedies of her past have put her on a new path to the future away from the only world she has ever known.

“Fathom: Kiani” Volume 3 #1 picks up after the events of last summer’s “Fathom the Elite Saga” but you do not need to have read that story to jump into the new series. Instead, the past is the jumping off point for Kiani’s new direction.

Kiani is no longer confining herself to the ocean, she has taken it on herself to explore a world she always shunned and what she finds surprises her. It is the discovery of the surface world that allows Hernandez to turn the story around and explore what makes Kiani tick and what motivates her. Even as Kiani reconciles with the recent events in her life she is never without her bite.

Cafaro brings a beautifully rendered clean art style to the pages. He gives Isla Hornos in Chile a breathtaking look that provides the perfect backdrop for the journey of Kiani. The story is paced nicely as Cafaro’s renderings move your eye easily around the page.

Wes Hartman’s colors for “Fathom: Kiani” #1 gives the book its bright and energetic feel enhancing the artwork and putting a crisp look on the page.

Hernandez and Cafaro get the new “Fathom: Kiani” series kicked off in the best way possible by (re)introducing the character while also putting new conflict and danger in her way. Just the right amount of Kiani’s story is revealed as she must then return to action as an unknown danger from her past reveals himself offering Kiani what she wants most, her sister.

You can find “Fathom: Kiani” Volume 3 #1 at your local comic book retailer and digitally on March 12, 2014. To find your nearest retailer click here to use the Comic Shop Locator. Call and tell them you want Kiani.

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