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The Occurrence of Nightmares in Children May Indicate Psychosis Link

A recent study that was published in the journal 'Sleep' has found a strong link in regards to frequent nightmares in children leading up to potential psychosis difficulties when they grow older. Researchers found within a group of children, between ages 2 and 9, were at greater risk for developing psychosis in teenage years if they experienced a high rate of nightmares during sleep.

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Doctors suggest keeping good quality sleep hygiene and by making sure children eat healthy balanced meals in order to reduce nightmares that may lead to this risk factor. It is suggested to keep any stimulating objects, like TV and video games, out of the bedroom in order to create a more peaceful sleep environment. Having set bed time routines for children is also extremely important.

Early intervention is key for any potential sleep concerns with children. If parents have any concerns, specialists highly recommend having their child screened for any potential health problems. Here in the St. Cloud area, the Centra Care Sleep center is a great place to check out when any questions or concerns arise when dealing with any potential sleep challenges.

By Tina Elliott


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