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The Occupy Movement is Bringing Out the Authorities True Colors

The abuse of power is starting to show the true colors of those in power.
The abuse of power is starting to show the true colors of those in power.
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People being physically assaulted by the authorities at various Occupy Wall Street protests. People being pepper sprayed, poked with batons by various police agencies are bringing out the true colors of the authority figures in this country. We are tearing away at the outer layers of our collective onion, and boy does it stink the further we get into this.

I don’t even know what the protesters are protesting…do they have a clear agenda? I think it is along the lines of corporate greed and how lives have been damaged by all the banking and corporate scandals. But they are peaceful in the protests and have had acts of violence done to them. It is as if those in power want this to not be peaceful. Why? Because people who have the power want to hold onto the power and won’t give it up easily.

The power structure of this country does need to change, to be altered…I totally agree with that. There should be no poor, no starving in this country and for that fact the entire world. When it all is said and done money is just an agreement of worth anyway. We scratch and fight for pieces of paper.

We do spend billions of dollars in other countries to help them out, yet so many are in need here. But this movement is worldwide so it obviously goes past our country. Are people worldwide tired of being poor, oppressed? Are those in power that insensitive to the majority’s needs?

I really want to hope that there is a deeper underlying reason to this movement and not just people protesting greed by wanting more, than that just fills their need for greed. Are all of us that shallow? Urgh. That is very depressing if this is the truth.

Is this the beginning of a spiritual awakening? This is what I hope that it is. I want to believe deep down that we are all equal, that we all have the same amount of power and that nobody should go hungry, or be dirty. But I can’t say with total certainty that this is the case.

Maybe people are just sick and tired of greed, inhumanity, and the bean counters and so on? I don’t know, as I am not out there at the protests because I am trying to survive by working at a temp job and searching for some kind of decent stable work. You know things are kind of messed up when I get a job for twelve bucks an hour and others say that’s not a bad wage. I’m like what? I am middle aged and still can only get jobs that young adults get. It’s very disparaging to say the least. So I understand the frustration that is out there.

Why am I not out there? Because I am a writer, an artist and have grown used to working jobs to pay the bills as I continue to strive to get published and get noticed for my art. I have not had health insurance for many years. These blogs are a big part of my art. It has been an uphill battle for over twenty years now. Part of me wants to give up. Part of me has given up at times, but yet my heart pulls me onward and doesn’t want me to give up. I don’t know what to do, what it will take to break on through, so I just continue to put my true self out there.

Nobody is perfect yet we expect perfection out of each other. We tell people not to take things personally, yet this is a very personal world. Everything has come down to the dollar, to making a profit. We have lost our humanity and our connection to nature. We don’t want to be poor and starving, yet so many turn a blind eye towards those who are. Maybe it is a collective fork in the road we have come to. Maybe we are experiencing the perfect storm, brought here by a stream of worldwide events. I don’t know, as I am just a regular Joe trying to achieve the American dream and not just survive, but to find a way to thrive. I think that is what most people want. But when those who are in power keep raising the bar ever higher…the situation we are in is like water coming to a boil and the fumes are coming out. We are venting and we don’t know why. If we all became millionaires, they would become billionaires and so on.

All through man’s history we have kept each other down, tormented, tortured and ridiculed each other. The power struggles of today mirror history. The past is repeating itself because we don’t want to learn the deeper lessons of life. Those are that we are all in this together and we should take care of each other and not abuse our power by spraying pepper spray in each other’s face. That life is an internal journey and not just a physical sensation. But we bury ourselves in the external world and neglect the internal world. Without a spiritual practice, life is just shallow. End of story.


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