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The Occupational Outlook Handbook: a guide for reemployment or a new career

Occupational Outlook Handbook Online Database
Occupational Outlook Handbook Online Database
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The 2014-15 Occupation Outlook Handbook released January 8 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is an online database that features 334 occupational profiles by projected number of new jobs, projected growth rate, on-the-job training and recommended certifications, entry-level education, and median pay (pay based on 2012 statistics). The Occupation Outlook Handbook is an excellent resource for providing career profiles for job seekers considering to stay within the same occupation or industry for re-employment.

The average unemployment duration (in weeks) for those formerly employed in management, professional and related occupations is 38.5 weeks, management, business and financial operations 37.8 weeks, administrative support occupations at 39.3 weeks, and those formerly employed in the information industry at 34.2 weeks. The average unemployment duration by industry illustrates that those whose occupation within public administration show the highest 48.8 average unemployment duration in weeks according to the February 2014 report release of unemployed persons by occupation, industry, and duration of unemployment from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the latest in unemployment rates not seasonally adjusted for the city of Glendale and the city of Los Angeles show preliminary figures of 7.8 and 9.9 percent respectively. Job seekers remaining unemployed continue to wait for new developments regarding federal unemployment extension benefits. The latest news release on March 26 by the California employment development department (edd), indicate the plans to extend these unemployment benefits were supposed to be voted on by the end of March by Congress. There have been no final decisions made to date.