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The OBi110 for Google Voice is on sale today (1/25) for 39.99!

The OBi110 Provides Free Calls Through Google Voice
The OBi110 Provides Free Calls Through Google Voice
OBi Technologies

Around a year ago, I first started playing with the OBi110 VoIP bridge - a device that lets you use your Google Voice number at home as a landline. Basically you connect the OBi110 to your router then plug in a phone and you are good to go. The OBi110 normally sells for $49.99, but is on sale for 20% off at Amazon today (1/25). The OBi110 is on sale today at Amazon for 39.99!

For more details on the OBi110 VoIP device, you can read my review or simple configuration guide.

The OBi110 VoIP device is a great way to save money on your monthly phone bill, especially with Google announcing that they are continuing free inbound and outbound calls through 2013 with your Google Voice number! Pick one up today while it is on sale, and leave a message or drop me an email if you have any questions!