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The Obamacare website will remain broken, even after it is “fixed”

Utopian masterminds and central planners are well aware of the effects of human nature on their plans to build the perfect society. That’s why in every grand scheme to build utopia, a despotic leader or ruling committee has to engage a large, ruthless cabal of enforcers to control the masses.

But I digress.

The Obamacare website rollout has been a total disaster. Never mind that it was poorly designed and untested before the rollout. Even after it is fixed, and the over $600 million invoice for its construction and repair is paid, it won’t entice people to enroll in Obamacare.

When an employer needs a new employee to fill a vacancy, it is not unusual for the HR department to post a job opening on a job-seeker’s website like, Indeed, or Career Builders. Statistically, on average about 1000 people will see that job posting.

Of the 1000 people who see the posting, about 200 will begin the application process. Now here is the interesting thing. Only half of those who begin the application process, or about 100 people, will complete the process.

Why? Because it takes effort.

Job applications are not usually user-friendly. They can be confusing. Often the questions are deemed too intrusive. Applicants have to include their personal information, including their date of birth and social security number, their complete work history, education history all the way back to high school, and much more. Then they have to upload or type their resume into the application along with a cover letter.

So at least half of the applicants give up out of shear frustration. If a job seeker doesn’t want to spend an hour to complete an employment application, why would anyone think that someone needing health insurance would spend many hours trying to navigate through

Also, it’s important to remember that the Obamacare website is not a site on which insurance can be purchased. Basically it is a shopper’s site, similar to or EBay. In fact, Obama himself has noted the similarities between the Obamacare site and the shopping sites.

Except there is a major difference.

Amazon and EBay don’t require the shopper to enter personal information BEFORE making the purchase. On the shopper’s site, people request information about a category of products, say televisions. The sites bring up a list of inventory items, along with descriptions and specifications, photos of the product, and prices. Only after the purchase item is selected does the buyer enter his or her address and credit card number.

But the Obamacare site requires the shopper to enter all their personal information before seeing their health insurance options. That should scare the bejeezus out of anyone wanting to purchase health insurance, because to date there is no way to make that personal information secure. Rather, hidden in the small print, is the notice that the appicant has NO EXPECATION OF PRIVACY.

During congressional hearings on the Obamacare website launch fiasco, witnesses stated clearly that the Obama administration changed the format of the site to require personal data to be entered first only weeks before the initial launch. It kind of makes me wonder why?

With all the concerns about government surveillance these days, is the Obamacare site just another way for the central planners to gather data on private American citizens?

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