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The Obamacare Ruse

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From Obamacare to Single-Payer

When President Obama, his Democrat sycophants and establishment media rammed the Affordable Care Act through congress, he probably knew full well that it was impossible for such a program to succeed as a hybrid private-public health insurance system in a country that was founded on Classical Liberalism and the free market. His goal was to take another step down the road to socialized medicine, a step that could not be retreated from when it was discovered that it would not work.

Obama's goal was to then force the nation into a single payer system, which is now being promoted by another Obama sycophant, former Republican Colin Powell as well as other socialists. See:

How We Got Here

Out of control medical costs are what have driven medical insurance premiums up (that is, prior to the Obamacare boondoggle, which has driven them up even more). Out of control medical costs have been, in large part, caused by zero-co pay medical coverage provided by large employers to employees.

This started during world war two as a result of government wage controls, because employers could compete for scarce labor by offering benefits instead of higher wages. The government "picked" winners and losers by allowing employers to deduct the cost of the medical insurance premiums paid for the employees, but did not allow individuals the same deduction if they paid their own insurance premiums. This system was further exacerbated by large union contracts that demanded no-cost (to employees) health insurance benefits.

These facts combined to create a situation where covered employees could walk into a doctor's office or medical facility and get whatever they wanted for "free", creating over use among other ills. The medical providers saw the financial possibilities of this perversion of the free market, and the prices of medical care skyrocketed.

What the socialists like Obama and his comrades fail to tell us is that any government-run health insurance program will create rationing, higher costs, death panels (Sarah Palin was right), and long waiting lines such as exist in Britain and Canada. See: and

Obamacare or single payer will control one-sixth of the American economy, and dictate to individual Americans what they can buy, what care they can receive, and when they can receive it. It will inevitably destroy the research and experimentation, as well as the development of technology, that has made American health care the absolute best in the world overall.

The only solution that would enable our country to continue to maintain the best medical care system in the world must be based on the free market, with little government interference or control. All of Obamacare must be repealed, and then market based reforms must be implemented to root out the poison government interference in our system. Portability, cross-state lines policy sales, easy to use HSA's, and larger co-pays will drive the costs down. Obamacare or single payer, on the other hand, will destroy our system.



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