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The ObamaCare flaws are showing

Concerns about Obamacare are real
Concerns about Obamacare are real

President Obama has conveniently changed nearly every detail once put into this Obamacare health law and it does seem interesting how such law that once was wonderful and would allow a person to keep their doctor was not full detail. Why is it consumers were not given the necessary truths so they could make their own decision to begin with? Instead, American consumers found the truths behind ObamaCare after signing up and some consumers are still learning about the flaws behind this health insurance after being dropped from an insurance company that once carried them for years. Patients who are using ObamaCare are also discovering the flaws within that are now showing they are limited upon certain medical device pricing and medications. Why is it that ObamaCare is treating patients very different than a private insurance company? It does not seem logical especially for the fact these patients have proven they are in need of a medical device or a cancer medication.

What raises more concern is the amount money spent on this project to be built and there are still flaws showing and more money is being used from tax payers because Americans do not trust this type of health care and are questioning the beneficial use.