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The Obama Doctrine in action

Alfred E. Obama
MAD magazine

"Those two diplomatic lightweights are just snakes - Obama's the plane..."

Jack Kennedy has his: Fight Communism. Ronnie Reagan had one, too: Destroy the Soviet Union. Dubya also had one: Give aid, comfort or safe haven to terrorists - we'll find you and kill you. Barry Obama also has his own Doctrine: "What, me worry?"

Despite Newsweek magazine declaring Obama to be "The God of All Things," Rolling Stone's Star Wars-esque headline of "A New Hope," and both Time and GQ magazines both bestowing Person/Man of the Year honors on him, etc, etc, ad nauseum ... very, very few Western media outlets have the wherewithal to state who's responsible for seemingly the entire planet teetering on the edge of oblivion.

Because of his alleged foreign policy that consists of a self-loathing America shamefully skulking and away from the world stage with tail tucked firmly between its legs, the blame needs to be laid directly at the feet of one Barack Hussein Obama.

No, not at the feet of Hillary Clinton or John Kerry, but Obama. This global debacle is totally and 100 percent both the fault of and the responsibility of the Community Organizer. In all honesty, Clinton and Kerry can't be held accountable for the direction the Marionettist-in-Chief pointed them. In the shark tank of international politics, those two diplomatic lightweights are just snakes - Obama's the plane.

In no particular order, the fruits of Obama's World Apology Tour, 2009:

  • Russia's almost bloodless seizing of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.
  • Deemed by Obama as "the Junior Varsity," ISIS/ISIL is running riot in Iraq, Syria and to a lesser degree, Lebanon. Many fear the Kingdom of Jordan is next.
  • Widely ignored by the American media, Venezuela has degraded into de facto Fourth World country where everything from free speech to toilet paper are rare commodities.
  • While Christians from Indonesia to West Africa are systematically slaughtered for the high crime of being Christians, this Administration claims they have "substantially improved the tranquility of the global community."
  • The al-Qaeda-allied Boko Harem terrorist group has initiated their own caliphate in Northern Nigeria.
  • Tens of thousands of Central Americans brazenly illegally enter the United States, all on the green light from the White House.
  • Once our most staunch ally in the Arab world, Obama has single-handedly manage to alienate the Egyptians. Since Obama's abandonment of the most powerful nation on the Arab street, Cairo has firmly aligned themselves with Moscow.
  • With nothing even close to resembling a central government, Libya has fractured into a number of mini-states ran by terrorist "militias."
  • Without so much as a minimal residual force in place, Obama left Iraq with the promise we were leaving "a stable Iraq." In the meantime, Baghdad is on the verge of falling to ISIL/ISIL.
  • Upwards of 30,000 Russian troops are massing to flat-out invade Ukraine. In the vacuum of American leadership, our European NATO allies are happily kowtowing to Putin in return for Russian oil and natural gas.
  • Regardless of Obama's threats of red lines, Bashir al-Assad has killed 170,000 people.
  • Obama states publicly that Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas terrorists, but Obama doesn't necessarily approve of when Israel actually does defend itself from Hamas Terrorists..

The bottom line on the Obama Doctrine? Our friends no longer trust us ... our enemies no longer fear us. That must be all the Hope & Change I've heard so much about.

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