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The Oakland Examiner Jobs Bill

The Oakland Examiner Jobs Bill. We know with unemployment averaging over 7.5% during President Obama’s term in office, the highest since the Great Depression. This administration is devoid of job creation. Obama has never had a real job and Vice President Biden can’t spell the word.

I have been a corporate recruiter for over 10 years. There is no substitute for work experience. Today’s workplace is more competitive than ever. Even today’s college grads aren’t finding a position in their field of study. The Obama administration is hamstringing the U.S. Economy. However, there are ways to land a job and get back in the work force.

We are going to give you a jobs program that the administration couldn’t even fathom. If you are under 21 and not working, there are jobs available. This is not the time to expect a $100,000 job with a corner office. You are at the ideal age to take a job and get to work.

I drive the Tri-County Area daily. I see job postings from businesses from Hall Rd. in Macomb County to Woodward to Telegraph in Oakland County to Eureka Rd, Downriver. These are entry-level jobs but working beats sitting at home with a Bridge Card and an Obama phone.

The challenge is literally going out on the street and hustling for that job.

The experience one can gain is invaluable. As syndicated columnist, Thomas Sowell, once wrote, “There are no dead end jobs, just dead end people. He is right. Dr. Sowell wasn’t privileged. He grew up in Harlem and earned his Ph.D. in Economics. He is one of the most renowned economists in the country today.

Sadly, our government schools don’t stress hard work and teach that hard work is the path to prosperity. Today’s Democrats are even worse. They want to keep people on welfare and unemployment to maintain a loyal voting bloc.

Work can teach someone independence and provide for a family. Once you’ve landed that job, many employers offer tuition assistance programs to attain the Bachelor’s Degree or get certified in a specific industry.

The effort is difficult but the reward is greater than anything Obama has thus far promised.

Final Thought: If The Detroit City Council wants an apology from Brooks Patterson for blunt yet accurate statements he made about Detroit 30 years ago. Then the residents of Oakland County want an apology for the Council for sending murderers and bank robbers into our county.

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