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The Oakland County Race for the 9th Congressional Seat

Peters vs Raczkowski
Peters vs Raczkowski
Detroit Free Press


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    There is no doubt in my mind who I trust and who the better candidate is, namely Rocky Raczkowski. Peters does not listen to the voters and is now solely running on negative smear ads. He continues to defend his vote on the healthcare bill, even now that the cat is out of the bag and we all know what a horrible effect it will have on ALL of us, including the middle class and senior. Rocky is running his campaign on truth, honesty, and on the issues. This is what I was looking for in a candidate, Rocky has my vote.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I have known Rocky for almost 18 years. I met him in law school. Rocky is a unique individual, in many ways, he is one of a kind. A decorated army Veteran, a CEO, a young leader in the State House, a CEO, and now on his way to being a congressman, Rocky has stayed true and clear his entire career. He understands the basics of fundamental freedom, liberty, and the ability to raise our families as we se fit. Not having the Govt. dictate how we shall live our life. Vote Rocky, Bravery and Leadership.

  • Dena Nigohosian 5 years ago

    I met Rocky through My husband before he entered this race. My husband has always talked about Rocky as being a very special type of guy. Born to parents who survived Nazi prison Camps, Rocky understands the importance of Freedom, and the roll of Govt. Rocky understands the needs of his constituents, because he listens to them, rather then the powers that be in Washington. Watching Rocky's campaign has been very inspiring and informative, and I am glad to Know Rocky and be part of his campaign.

  • Millard 5 years ago

    It comes down to this.... Which Candidate do you agree with on the ISSUES? Gary Peters voted for the passage of the 2000+ page Obamacare which creates layers upon layers of bureaucracy as well as adding trillions to our National debt. Rocky Raczkowski will vote to repeal this legislation and replace it with only the best parts of the bill plus add other cost-saving measures and create real competition instead of a government monopoly. Gary Peters voted for Cap & Trade which is essentially a massive tax hike on energy based on largely discredited junk science and which the Obama administration admitted long ago would necessarily saddle American families additional energy costs in the thousands of dollars per year. Rocky Raczkowski favors an all-of-the-above approach to gaining American energy independence without punishing American families for heating their homes up to 72 degrees. Gary Peters voted for the massive "stimulus" program warning that unemployment could reach 8% if it was not passed. The bill passed and unemployment sits at 10%, and much higher in Michigan. Rocky Raczkowski would support tax and spending cuts which would allow much more money fliow back into the private sector for the creation of jobs. Gary Peters supports allowing a massive tax increase take effect on the largest earners even as we are still ion a massive recession and bleeding jobs without end. Rocky Raczkowski believes (as do I) that these so-called "Rich," are actually the small businesses which are the engine of job creation and that to penalize this group for high revenues is to stifle job creation at a time when Michigan and Oakland County desperately needs it. Gary Peters voted to raise the debt ceiling. Rocky believes the time has come to put a halt to runaway spending and debt. Gary Peters gave his blessing to Obama to continue running the government WITHOUT A BUDGET!!! Would you run your own household this way? Rocky favors a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

    So there are your choices. Summed up, if you believe that voting with Obama and Pelosi, creating massive new entitlements, adding bureaucracy, raising taxes and spending out of control is the way to preserve our prosperity and freedoms, then by all means, cast your vote with Gary Peters. But, if you believe as I that Washington is out of control and out of touch and we need a change of course, then your vote must go to Rocky Raczkowski.

    Make no mistake, Gary Peters has been attempting to portray himself as conservative or "Independent," and trying to distance himself as far as possible in recent weeks from Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi. But voting records do not lie. Who do you trust to make that change you seek, the man who has already voted with Pelosi over 95% of the time, or the man with the tru conservative voting record?

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Gary Peters did not just arbitrarily come up with his demand that people not have room temperatures exceeding 72. He simply did not want any room temperatures to be higher than his IQ.

  • Janine Kateff 5 years ago

    I met Rocky last May when I was searching for the best candidate to replace Congressman Gary Peters. You see, I was so upset that Peter's had voted against the wishes of his district by voting for ObamaCare and other new legislation. I couldn't get into Peter's town hall meeting (last spring) and could not get a response from his office. What a horrible feeling to have no say and not be heard in my own country. This was the straw that broke the camel's back!

    Then, I met Rocky and told him of my dissatisfaction with ObamaCare, Cap and Trade and the direction the country is headed without approval from "we the people" . He smiled, and said you have my word, I will listen and I will repeal ObamaCare and focus on creating jobs in Oakland County. I followed Rocky and listened closely. I believe he is a man of his word. His integrity, honesty and values are perhaps his most powerful and salient attributes. He will listen to "we the people" , stand up against the lost and bough-out Washington blue-dogs and is therefore the man for us. He will work for us.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    If you want more of the same, more government intrusion in your life, a continued desperate economy, failing schools, and handouts...then please vote for the incumbent.

    If you want someone who believes in the founding fathers, personal liberty, smaller government, and a hand up not a hand out - then Rocky is your candidate.

    I think that the answer is as simple as that.

  • Kyle McGrath 5 years ago

    Gary Peters is a familiar type of politician- he says one thing and then does another. He appears to be a decent guy, but he surrounds himself with people who aren't decent (you've seen some of Peter's thugs stalking Rocky, filming his every move, you may have heard that Rocky signs are being defaced and taken, or you might remember how Peter's goons harassed Knollenberg and tried to provoke him when he went grocery shopping). Gary Peters is not the sort of person that we should have in our government, and his votes on the issues are wrong too (what was he thinking on cap-and-tax- a bill that taxes manufacturing in Michigan to support windfarms in California?). I'd be voting against him no matter who was running, but what gets me excited is that Rocky got in the race, and Rocky is a great guy and will be a great legislator for our district. He's a nice guy, has a good sense of humor, relates well to everyone, means what he says and says what he means, and doesn't stoop to the sort of negative and low tactics that Peters is trying. Since I first met him years ago, I've always thought that he had a special quality about him that would make him a great legislator- not just a same old politician, but a real difference maker in the system. I really hope that he wins and that people don't fall for the games and tricks that Peters is trying to play to win office.

  • USABob 5 years ago

    If desire to stop wasteful Washington spending and impending higher taxes this election, vote for iCaucus endorsed Rocky Raczkowsk, Peters' Republican opponent, who wants to ban earmarks, increase transparency, and make the difficult spending decisions in DC that Peters is unwilling to make (based on his 18 month record).

    If you care about the TRUTH (as compared to the Peosi-Reid-Obama socialist agenda) support a patriot, Rocky Raczkowsk.

    "Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree." --Thomas Jefferson

  • John Tremain 5 years ago

    Rocky has consistently been honest with the voters. On the other hand, Peters brags that he voted to cut over a half trillion dollars from Medicare - thus, strengthening it and extending the life of the program. If this is true Gary, why not cut ALL spending from Medicare so it will last forever?

  • John Tremain 5 years ago

    Gary Peters has done some remarkable things in his 2 years in Congress. Within a month he voted for a Stimulus bill that doesn't stimulate, as well as for a Death Panel that doesn't exist (on page 660 of the Stimulus bill), Then a month later, he voted for a health care plan that nobody can afford and most people don't want. A bit later he voted for Cap-and-Trade which is helping to bring full employment to China and India, while Americans are losing their jobs. Peters brags that he voted to stop a pay raise for Congress, but he didn't mention it was part of a Stimulus spending supplement costing $410 Billion - guess he missed some things in that $800 Billion original Stimulus bill.

    The Washington Post, bastion of right-wing extremists, says that Peters voted 95% with Nancy Pelosi. Actually, according to GovTrack, which examines EVERY vote - Peters voted 99.5% with her. So, as a cost-cutting idea, why not fire Peters, and let Pelosi vote twice?

  • Freedom Trinity 5 years ago

    His Eminence Rep. Peters has demonstrated by his Actions/Votes of Record, EXACTLY where he stands on the Rights of The People. He ignores their entreaties,to LISTEN to them("O" CARE),Votes for Cap&Trade(A job killer and Wealth Transfer Device),& votes for a Stimulus bill, now proven to not to have even come close to it's stated aims. He then says because he "attempted" to reduce the Budget("Deemed Passed")by $1.5 Billion,and calls that "Fiscal Responsibility".Simply stated, The Gentleman From Michigan is Divorced from Reality. Show Him the proverbial door,Voters.Two years is two,too many. Enough with Lost Terms,Lost Decades, and General Cluelessness.When the replacements arrive,let 'em know YOU are watching them,too. It is our Responsibility to participate,"Feeling Dirty",or not.Clean it up, by Your Collective Presence. Otherwise,put a Sock in it,and learn to live with YOUR DECISION.

  • Jay T 5 years ago

    I didn't have to look far to see whom I wanted to support. Gary Peters (D) has been a disaster for us. He is a big time spender who will not run on his record, but just wants to run negative ads against Rocky R. Why is that? Peters has supported the Obama/Pelosi/Reed team that is taking this country into bankruptcy, the falling Dollar, and certain ruin - - if we don't replace these "progressives" with a conservative!

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