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The nursing relationship will be discussed today at Fresno's Free Breastfeeding Support Group

Relationships begin early in life.
Relationships begin early in life.
Ken Johnson

The word "relationship" conjures up more than a simple definition in most people's minds. Certainly, if one looks to the word's dictionary meaning and its Latin root "relatus," it is obvious that relationship refers to two or more individuals being in connection with one another. Webster says it refers to "a quality (as resemblance) that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together." But it is more than that. When the word relationship is really pondered, a whole collection of emotions, memories, and images will come to mind. Some relationships are brief and fleeting, barely making an impact on an individual's life. Other relationships form the basis of one's personality. They are the lasting, enduring relationships that make us who we are.

That said, the phrase "nursing relationship" means even more. As in all relationships, the nursing relationship involves deep interpersonal connection between two or more individuals. Those involved in a nursing relationship will say that it is a life-changing experience. There is give and take, and there are times when energy is gained from the connections, and when energy must be spent to keep the relationship strong. In an interesting way, the nursing relationship becomes the foundation, in many cases, for the lasting, enduring relationships between both parents and their children.

Today, at Ginkgo Tree Yoga, located at 1440 N Van Ness in Fresno's Tower Disctrict,  the concept of nurturing the nursing relationship will be discussed. The mother-to-mother Support Group that meets there welcomes all who may be interested in learning and sharing more about breastfeeding, so all moms, dads, and babies are welcome, whether or not they are currently breastfeeding. The start time for the group is 12:30pm and the meetings generally last at least one hour.