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The number one secret to a happy marriage

Couple having coffee
Couple having coffee

All couples enter into the marriage covenant with the hope that their marriage will endure and be happy. Unfortunately, divorce statistics show that a large number of marriages do not make it. The question is…why?

The reason that many marriages do not last is because couples do not put their relationship before their own individual needs. When you get married, you have more to think about than your own wants, needs, and desires. Until individuals realize this, their marriage will suffer as a result.

When Tony got married, he could not understand why his wife got upset when he went and spent money from his paycheck on video games. After all, he was a hard worker, and he deserved to have some fun and relaxation when not at work. His wife, on the other hand, saw the video games as a way of distancing himself from her. She believed that during his time off from work, they should spend time doing something together as a couple. Did Tony know this? No. He didn’t know, because he did not care enough to ask. He simply did what he wanted without thinking about how it might affect his marriage. As a result, his wife felt disrespected.

If Tony had first consulted his life partner, the two of them could probably have reached a compromise. Perhaps Tony could spend a little less time with his video games and a little more time with his wife.

When you get married, it is important to think about how every single decision you make will affect your relationship with your spouse. Will it make it better or worse? Will it cause distance between you or bring you closer together? You may not always like the answer, but it is important to evaluate how your decisions will affect your marriage. After all, when you walked down the aisle, your plan was to be married for the rest of your life. A commitment such as that does not come without sacrifice.