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The number One reason Catholicism limps in evangelization

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This article is not about finger pointing.

It is a self-acknowledgment as much as it is a plain truth spread nation (and world) wide.

(When) Catholicism fails to ignite Divine Mercy in the world it is because of a lack of faith in Jesus' disciples.

This is evident in sporadic visits to confession.

This is evident in sporadic visits to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist during adoration.

This is evident through sparse Rosaries.

This is evident through missed Sunday Mass, or blasé participation.

This is evident through a lack of engagement with God's written word (Scriptures).

This is evident through too much television and electronics, and not enough Catholic reading...or serious family time.

This is evident through Pro-Choice Catholicism.

This is evident through social activism without a vibrant prayer/spiritual life.

This is evident through a vibrant ecclesial discipleship without social charity.

This is evident through struggles with chemicals, pornography, gambling, without repentance, and the attempt to seek counseling and support.

This is evident through a life lived in rejection of Church teaching (contraception, active homosexuality, abortion, divorce, etc.) while still receiving the Eucharist.

This is evident among the laity, clergy, and religious. Among every socioeconomic group, ethnicity, race and gender.

This is evident through the religious persecution going on in our once free nation--encouraged, supported, and perpetrated by cafeteria-Catholics.

This is evident to every repentant prophet, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Faith moves mountains.

It's about time we moved the mountain of our complicity with the culture of death and the culture of anti-Catholicism in AMERICA.