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The number 6 New England Band of 2013, New Hampshire's Anchorlines

Since 2011 Anchorlines has grown to become one of my favorite local bands, and every year they manage to elevate their sound and presence in the New England scene. Anchorlines' colossal sound mixed with their grandiose choruses are a genius mix that has helped the band's successful journey thus far. Speaking from a business perspective I have, and will continue to, beam over Anchorlines marketing. From the press photos, to the promotions for new releases and shows, to the quality of their videos and use of lyric videos, no unsigned New England band markets themselves like these guys. The professionalism, quality music, and image the band creates is the standard of New England and makes my job as a writer enjoyable every time I check in on the band. Make sure you take a second to check out Anchorlines Facebook page and join 9,000 others who already have.


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