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The Nuggets could really use a former star like Melo back in their line-up

Carmelo Anthony at NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.
Carmelo Anthony at NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If we go back five years to the 2008-09 NBA season, things were looking up for the Denver Nuggets as they were 37-18 and ended up finishing 2nd in the West.

Now if you fast forward to the present, they are currently sitting in the No. 11 spot and are five games below .500. There was one key difference between the team five years ago, and the team today; one had Carmelo Anthony and one did not. Even if you don't know your NBA history, I'm sure you can guess which team had the seven-time All-Star in their starting line-up.

Although Melo is currently having the best season of his career, as he's the second leading scorer in the entire league behind Kevin Durant, and he's posting career highs in rebounds and three-point percentage; his New York Knicks sit at the same position in their conference as the Nuggs do in the West at No. 11.

Truthfully this has been a season plagued by injuries for both teams, as the Nuggets lost Danilo Gallinari early on, and then lost both Javale McGee and Ty Lawson most recently. While the Knicks have lost Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton throughout the season to numerous different injuries across the board.

But where both team's have struggled the most is off the court. As there have been issues with J.R. Smith getting suspended for a number of childish maneuvers (untying of opponents' shoes) and most recently, Raymond Felton being allegedly charged with the possession of a firearm. Whereas the Nuggs have struggled with veteran players coercing with new head coaches like vet Andre Miller and head coach Brian Shaw.

Melo has sort of flip flopped on whether or not he wants to stay in New York come season's end. And with his free agency upcoming this summer, there will be a lot of teams chasing after the reigning scoring champion.

Will he choose his former hometown of Denver or will he take his talents elsewhere? He must not forget that the only time he's EVER reached the Conference Finals was with the Denver Nuggets in the 2009 playoffs. Will that sway his decision towards a return to the Mile High city? Denver fans will be crossing their fingers come June.

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