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The not-so-secret lives of Miley and Liam

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the set of their teen romance, "The Last Song." They've been dating since 2009 and dealing with the Hollywood rumor mill for just as long. The scrutiny and constant flood of rumors must be as exhausting for them as their hectic schedules are. Still, the show must go on in showbiz, and they both are keeping as busy as they can before their big day.

Yes, Miley and Liam are Getting Married

The nonstop harassment this Hollywood couple has faced makes the longevity of their relationship all the more amazing. The first rumors were that Miley had tossed aside her longtime boyfriend Justin Gaston to date Liam. Fortunately, this wasn't true. After breaking things off with her beau, Miley briefly dated a Jonas brother too before settling into her current relationship that is now passed the three-year mark.

After the couple made a few embarrassing social networking faux pas and suffered a breakup or two, gossip magazines couldn't get enough of painting the couple as terminally troubled. Engagement rumors surfaced soon after, and despite the stars' denials, it seemed like the world wouldn't accept they weren't getting hitched. Now that they're really engaged, the tabloids are back to saying they've broken things off for good.

The two choose to forge ahead together regardless, both staying strong and proving a challenge for the media. When asked about a breakup earlier this summer, Miley quipped during an interview that she was still wearing her ring. The couple also attended the "Paranoia" premier together, showing a united front to the world in the face of intense scrutiny. The couple has spent the last three years getting to know each other, and according to Liam, they have found a true love that lasts. However, due to both stars' extremely hectic schedules, they either haven't taken the time to select a date or haven't bothered announcing it yet.

The one thing that is known is causing a flurry of interest. While Miley's bold, punk-inspired look has been integral in her breaking away from her child-star image, it seems that tradition may be nudging her back toward mainstream style. During the "Paranoia" premier, a change was prominent. Slicked to the side in a natural brown, Miley's hair is already tamer and longer. She has also been quoted as saying she's taking Viviscal, a hair growth supplement. When she walks down the aisle—whether that happens sooner or later—she will likely be sporting the long, flowing locks her fans used to know and love.

What They're Doing on Stage and Screen

First and foremost, these two young lovebirds are entertainers, with Miley enjoying a thriving career in music and Liam becoming one of the budding young male stars in Hollywood. His career may have taken off after playing a secondary character in "The Hunger Games," but now Liam Hemsworth is matured and going on to garner roles starring alongside the likes of Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. Both stars maintain full schedules as well, making every second they have together precious.

Miley's new album releases soon, and preparations for marketing promotions and a high-energy tour have the starlet flying from one coast to the other on a near-daily basis. A mistakenly tweeted text to a friend shows the strain her chaotic schedule is having, as the star mentions relying on Xanax just to get to sleep. This is especially troubling for fans who've taken her drastic change in fashion sense and outrageous dance moves in stride.

Life is hard on her betrothed now as well, and it looks to remain that way for the next several years. Liam Hemsworth is facing what could be the busiest time of his career. The blockbuster, "Paranoia," premiered a few days ago, proceeding the release of "Empire State" just a few weeks earlier. He's currently filming "Cut Bank" and gearing up for the release of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." Up next is filming for "Arabian Nights" and parts one and two of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay." If Liam isn't feeling the strain of stardom yet, he soon will. His fiancée may be the only one who truly knows how hectic it feels.

Keeping Track of What's Next

If you believe the tabloids, Miley and Liam are already on the rocks. Soon they'll announce a permanent split. Rumors will bounce around regarding whether she's keeping her engagement ring or whether she's still wearing it in mourning. Better yet, those vicious reporters will have the chance to tear her apart bit by bit. Miley has become a fierce young woman, powerful in her own right, and for the media, there's no better prey.

Unfortunately for rumor mongers and their minions, none of that will happen if Liam Hemsworth gets his way. Years ago, Miley Cyrus said she was going to keep their romance quiet, believing the most important thing people should know about them was that they were best friends. They manage to understand each other when no one else does. Despite the best machinations of Hollywood, it also appears that they will last.

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