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The Northwest African American Museum: What to Expect

Entrance to NAAM.
Entrance to NAAM.
Joe Mabel @ Wikipedia Commons

Since 2008, the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) has offered the general public a chance to learn about culture in regards to people of African American descent. What does NAAM have to offer? This establishment gives visitors a chance to read rare books, view intriguing exhibitions and explore family genealogy.

Rare Books

If you are a history buff in search of a rare mix of books about the Civil Rights Movement, you will be impressed by the offerings in The Jean Shy Farris Reading Room. Besides being a great place to relax and meet with friends, this part of NAAM includes a collection of fiction and non-fiction titles. Gain access to speeches from Martin Luther King Jr. and narratives about activists such as Harry Belafonte.

Intriguing Exhibitions

NAAM exhibitions serve as visual teaching tools. They tell the stories of people from African American descent in a meaningful way. Currently, they have a presentation entitled Afros: A Celebration of Natural Hair. It's an assortment of photographs taken by artist Michael July during the height of New York's Afro-chic obsession, a pictorial of Afros sported by individuals of varying ethnicity, nationality and age. The point: he wanted to capture the power and beauty of a hairstyle originating from African nations. This exhibition, of course, is just one of many NAAM displays throughout the year.

Family Genealogy

Unraveling one's past is often the key to better interpersonal relationships. However,for some, it's an all too expensive journey. Fortunately, in The Genealogy Center at NAAM, guests get free entrance into major databases like World Deluxe, World Vital Records and Legacy Family Tree software. They also get to interact with genealogists, specialists who can further help them understand their history.

In conclusion, NAAM gives visitors a chance to learn and explore information regarding people of African American descent. It's an experience no one in the northwest should miss, particularly if he's interested in understanding more about diversity and life.

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