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The Northeast Hunting And Fishing Show Wrap-Up

It's almost time
It's almost time
Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

And so the 17th annual Northeast Hunting and Fishing show has come and gone. This was a good year for the expo. Turnout on Sunday seemed steady and brisk at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford and there were a wide assortment of exhibits for visitors to focus on.

Fishermen were fortunate, for the angling exhibits pretty much kept it local. This was the Northeast Hunting and Fishing Show, after all, so visitors didn't have to worry about too many displays which focused on things like salmon fishing in Montana.

While there was plenty at the expo for fisherman to purchase, the best thing about the show was that it gave visitors the opportunity to browse. That's right, browse. Connecticut anglers were offered a wide array of lines, lures, reels, tours, charters, magazines and craft to eye over, study and even discuss with salesmen and experts.

Rather than spending a fortune at the expo then, fishermen could contact their local bait and tackle shops after returning home from the show to request the latest in jigs, equipment or what have you. The point of an expo, after all, is for businesses to expose their wares to the general public. A sale is great, but a long term deal with a local business is even better. So long as visitors left the Convention Center with various products in mind, the exhibitors could be satisfied.

Like all good expos, this past weekend's show was also kid friendly, replete with food, casting stations (where the fishing equipment could actually be tried out first hand) and live animal displays. With plenty of opportunities for children to be entertained, parents had a far better chance to go through the various displays nag-free. In short, both fishermen and their families could be happy with what they found at the show.

Of course, large scale stuff was featured at the expo, too. Getaways, boats, even pickup trucks were available for the taking. Again, the point here was to put things in the minds of visitors. And the show put a lot of things in the minds of those who attended this past weekend.

Like spring. When in the world will it be warm enough to cast out again? Ice fishing isn't for everyone, after all.

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