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The north and the south gate (Ezekiel 46:8-10)


Are you walking out the same gate?

Entering the presence of the Lord is a life changing experience. When you come in, you don't leave the same. You walk out different. You are a new creation. The Israelites knew this. They knew if they entered in the south gate, they had to exit by the north gate, and vice versa. This was symbolic of the change that happened within them.

"The prince must enter the gateway through the entry room, and he must leave the same way. But when the people come in through the north gateway to worship the Lord during the religious festivals, they must leave by the south gateway. And those who entered through the south gateway must leave by the north gateway. They must never leave by the same gateway they came in, but must always use the opposite gateway. The prince will enter and leave with the people on these occasions." [BibleGateWay]

During that time, the change was from the ritualistic sacrifices taht were required for the forgiveness of sin. They would enter into the temple with the high priest, slaughter their animals, and thus be cleansed of their sin. When they walked out of the temple using the opposite door, they were showing the world that they are not the same.

How much more does this apply to us today? We no longer have to abide by rituals or sacrifices to experience the forgiveness of sins. Jesus paid that price once and for all. We no longer need to be escorted by a high priest and carted through special rooms where we get only a glimpse and taste of the presence of the Lord. We can enter in freely into His presence where ever we are and experience that life changing power first hand.

When the priest went in to the temple alone, he always left out the same door.  Once he was there with the rest of the people, he walked out the opposite door.  Why do you suppose this is?  It's the power of fellowship that helps change the priest.  When he walked in with body, he was able to experience that life change, that power.

That power changes us. We are made new from that power. It takes the old deformed and hideous lump of clay and crumbles it into a ball. Then it reshapes into a beautiful work of art.

When you come into the presence of the Lord, are you exiting through the same door? Do you walk in, get your blessing, then leave the same way? Or do you allow the Lord to mold and shape you into who He wants you to be?


  • Sharae 5 years ago

    Well said.

  • Alphonso 5 years ago

    Love the article. Might I also add, that we should, once we have basked in and been again made whole in the presence of the Lord, strive to remain in His presence and glory that we may take it with us everywhere we go? This is indeed the where the jublilation and rejuvenation of our fellowship is derived.